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Andy Krieger

Hall of Fame Trader

“What keeps me at the screen is the most challenging match I’ve ever played.“

An iconic 40-year career at the top of the trading world

This isn't just some trader; Andy is a living legend. In fact, he once set the record for being the highest earning currency trader on Wall Street.

From making waves at the iconic Salomon Brothers in the 80s to pulling off record-breaking trades at Banker's Trust, Andy's journey is awe-inspiring.

He's guided top-tier international banks and huge corporations with his market acumen, successfully managed client funds for over thirty years, and was elected to the Trader Hall of Fame in 2005.

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Krieger in the Media

Since the 1980s, Andy's achievements in the financial markets have been discussed in some of the biggest mainstream publications in the world.

"Just 31 years old, Andrew J. Krieger was Bankers Trust Co.'s most valuable employee in 1987. Trading currencies, he earned $300 million for the bank, and for his efforts he was paid $3 million in salary and bonus, mostly bonus. That's a stunning sum, and almost twice what the company's chairman got in his pay envelope last year. It was quite an achievement for a young man who just four years ago was studying Sanskrit in graduate school."

Wall Street Journal, Mar 1988: Andrew Krieger Made $3 Million Last Year; Why Isn't He Happy?

"Andrew J. Krieger, the successful young currency trader whose departure from the Bankers Trust Company in February set the Wall Street rumor mill buzzing, is quitting his second job this year. Mr. Krieger, who joined Soros Fund Management Inc. in April as senior portfolio manager, announced yesterday that he would form his own trading company"

New York Times, Jun 1988: Top Trader Quits to Start Own Firm

"Remember the Big Swinging Dicks made famous by Michael Lewis in his novel, “Liar's Poker”? One BSD merits such a mention. In the 1980s Andy Krieger was a star at Bankers Trust... In his heyday there, Mr Krieger made hundreds of millions of trading profits... And here is a measure of just how big a BSD Mr Krieger was. During 1987 he sold short (hoping to buy back more cheaply in future) more kiwis than the entire money supply of New Zealand."

The Economist, Dec 2004: Why Didn't I Think Of That?

"Within five years he had become the world's hottest currency trader, earning a stunning $300 million in 1987 for Bankers Trust Co. ... There are only a few people in the world whose resignation can grab a whole column on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Nixon did it. Iacocca did it. And Paul Volcker did it. Andy Krieger did it too. That's because he was one of a handful of people who could throw markets into disarray by moving $1 billion worth of currency with the push of a few buttons on his car phone."

Philadelphia Magazine, Oct 1988: The Man Who Made Too Much

"For taking groundbreaking risks in foreign-exchange trading -- Krieger, in one of history's boldest trades, once single-handedly shorted the entire monetary reserves of New Zealand -- and for having the cantaloupes to tell the Street's biggest players to go screw themselves, Trader Monthly welcomes forex's most foremost genius as the latest inductee into the Trader Hall of Fame."

Trader Monthly, Oct 2005: Forex Folk Hero

"Krieger, a tall, quietly spoken 48-year-old, is not another aid worker or journalist filing a report on the disaster. He is one of Wall Street's foremost currency traders, who was once groomed as a successor to George Soros.In 1986 he became global head of currency options trading at Bankers Trust, where he increased profits from $56 million to $512 million in a year.Krieger's dreams today revolve around rebuilding coastal India. After the tsunami struck he hired a cargo aircraft, loaded it with $3.6 million (£1.9 million) of medicine and tried to fly it to India."

The Times, Feb 2005: Trader Brings Life After the Flood

"Nobody knows better than Krieger what it takes to participate in the high-stakes, gut-wrenching world of foreign exchange."

Paul Tudor Jones
Founder, Tudor Investment Corp

"Krieger was a pioneer, in the sense he was one of the few people in the world who understood the options market before it was really established. He blazed a trail"

Sir John Key
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand